Gods, monsters, and heroes take center stage as young thespians Go Greek!

The second session of Penobscot Theatre Company’s Dramatic Academy Summer culminates August 15-17 with a series of productions inspired by classic Greek myths:



Adventures with Aesop, by Alekzander Sayers

Directed by Alekzander Sayers and starring Tiny Thespians (aged 4-6) Evan Babcock, Zach Babcock, Charlotte Hautala, Maise McCarthy, Paige Richard, Jadyn Spearin, and Lucy Valentine

Our youngest actors bring the classic tales of Aesop to life through play, imagination, and animal work, using an original script crafted especially for Penobscot Theatre Company.

The Seussodyssey, by Dan Zolidas

Directed by Ben Layman and starring Junior Troupe members (aged 7-9) Charlotte Beckwith, Thea Bowden, Anika Noack, Rachel Palmer, Avery Richard, Max Thompson, and Emma Roy

Homer meets Dr. Seuss in a comical adventure of epic proportions, complete with a singing Cyclops and the sorceress Circe serving up crew members with a side of green eggs!

The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza, by Dan Zolidas

Directed by Ben Layman and starring Youth Troupe members (aged 10-13) Lucy Morison, Andrew Barrett, Elizabeth Bates, Ian Buck, Brina Campbell, Ruby El-Hajj, Solomon Finch, Rowan Jellison, Leo Spinney, Zachary Spreng, Naomi Moynihan, Noam Osher, Zivi Osher, Sienna Newman, Rebeclyn Parker, Gabriela Roth, Lana Sabbagh, Hanna Sabbagh, Lilie Sites, Nicholas Rhodes, Katelynn Bowker, Zach Harvey, Brooke Jones, Nathan Manaker, Meg Demeritt, and Josie Guzman

This irreverent comedy offers witty fun for all ages, covering the entirety of Greek mythology using audience participation, Barbie dolls, and a hilarious five-minute version of The Iliad!

Tiger at the Gates, by Jean Giradoux, translated by Christopher Fry

Directed by Jasmine A. Ireland and starring Young Adult Ensemble members Alekzander Sayers, Mikayla Burridge, Caitlin Hession, Conor Kenny, Sydney McDonald, Megan Ward, Alyssa Stubbs, Nick Danby, Terra Malkow, Hannah Box, Daniel Perkins, Robert Brangwynne, Eddie Ward, Katherine Adam, Luke Cote, and Morgan Wiercinski.

Originally produced on Broadway and the winner of the Critics’ Circle Award for best play of the year, Tiger at the Gates speculates on the events that led to the Trojan War, exploring philosophical ideas through movement, sound, and finely crafted performances. Following both the neoclassical and Greek traditions, our Young Adult Ensemble takes on its most challenging piece yet!

“Few stories today can match the action and adventure of Greek mythology,” said Jasmine Ireland, who has led the Session 2 program. “No wonder Greece is the birthplace of theatre: these tales beg enactment! Our students are proving themselves impressive heirs of the classic dramatic tradition, integrating their classroom experiences in improv, theatre history, and viewpoints (among others) into their character development and rehearsal process. The enthusiasm and understanding they are bringing to the material and to their productions are going to make for creative, funny, and thought- provoking shows this session.”

The Adventures of Aesop and The Seussodyssey will run back-to-back starting at 11:00 am, August 15-17. The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza will start at 2:00 pm each day, and Tiger at the Gates will start at 7:00 pm each day. All performances will be at the Bangor Opera House. Tickets may be purchased online at www.penobscottheatre.org or by calling the Box Office at 942-3333. Adult tickets are $12 and children are $8 each.

Registration is now open for school-year programs for students from pre-K through college, starting in September. For more information, visit www.penobscottheatre.org and click on the Education tab.