Atlanta based actor Robin Bloodworth featured in PTC’s production of “80 Days”

Penobscot Theatre Company is thrilled to introduce you to another of our talented guest artists! Robin Bloodworth, and Atlanta based actor, will lead the cast in the role of Phileas Fogg in PTC’s current production of Around the World in Eighty Days.  The script tells the story of an epic travel adventure, and Mr. Bloodworth has made his own personal journey to join us here at PTC.  He let us ask him a few questions about his experiences with Bangor, the show, and his own interesting travel goals……..

Around the World in Eighty Days at Penobscot Theatre Company.

You are an Atlanta based actor, what has your experience in Bangor been like?
I have really liked Bangor! I’ve worked at The Public Theatre in the Lewiston/Auburn area, but never been this far North (or is it Down East?) The staff at PTC and the Charles Inn have been great, and the town has an historical charm that you miss in “new” cities like Atlanta. And, strangely, the weather so far has been better here than in Georgia. I do enjoy living in Atlanta, but I tell you I’m not missing the traffic. It’s great to walk most places, reminds me of my time in New York.

Robin Bloodworth stars as Phileas Fogg at PTC.

What do you find interesting/unique about working on a play that is based on a piece of literature?

Well, what to Jules Verne was cutting edge (going around the world in 80 days) is now quaint. So I think the play gently reminds us, in a funny way, that we take the relatively easy traveling of THOUSANDS of miles for granted. This is a period piece that uses modern humor to poke fun at many cultures including ours.

80 Days seems to be the perfect project for you – can you tell us more about your goal to perform in all 50 states?
I normally don’t talk about it because it’s kind of goofy, but I’m trying to work, as an actor, in all fifty states. I have 39 down and 11 to go. (I have also managed to cross off Washington, DC and Puerto Rico).
Why do you think theater is an important medium/art form?
Every time 3D movies make a semi- comeback (seems like every ten years or so) I think to myself: hmm…a three dimensional experience…that’s live theatre! Being in the same room and sharing the experience in a real and real time, not electronic, way is important. In a time and culture of less and less personal contact, the connection to other people, ideas, concepts and perspectives in the “in your face” medium of live theatre is, in my mind, essential.
Around the World in Eighty Days will be performed May 15 – June 2 at the Bangor Opera House. Penobscot Theatre will give one complimentary youth ticket for kids 18 and under, for every full priced ticket purchased. (Please note, patrons must visit box office for this offer in person or call 942-3333. Not available ONLINE.)