PTC Announces Adult Improv Classes!

Her Majesty’s Cabaret performs at PTC’s Northern Writes with writer and performer Brad LaBree. Photo courtesy of Jodi Renshaw.

Introduction to Improvisational Technique: This class will focus on the basics of improvisation. By building confidence and improved listening, this course will teach participants to think quickly on their feet and expand their creativity. Attendees will gain skills to initiate scenes, build upon scenes, and create scenes with a solid foundation. Topics covered include: agreement; active listening; using the environment; basic narrative skills and understanding stage status.

Techniques covered in this course are theatrical in nature but can greatly benefit anyone interested in public speaking, creative problem solving and team building exercises.

Dramatic Academy faculty member Brad LaBree

(Brad LaBree) Ages 18+
Every other Monday Oct. 22 – Dec. 17 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
$30/ session
No registration required.

For more information, contact Director of Education Jasmine Ireland at 947-6618 or