PTC Opportunities Expand – New Apprenticeship Positions are filled!

Apprentices join the PTC team for the 2012/13 Season!

Penobscot Theatre Company has expanded its intern program to include season long apprenticeships.   Students recently graduating from college will now join us to support both production and administration efforts within our organization. Through the generous support of our host families, PTC will have two young people joining us throughout this season. Apprentices are provided housing and a stipend to execute many tasks throughout our buildings.  Our production apprentices shadow our existing staff closely to gain skills in areas including carpentry, stage management, sound design,  lighting, costuming, props design, among others to prepare for a professional career in the arts.  Administrative apprentices work with the managing, directing, and education staff to gain practical learning experience and execute entry level administrative work within these departments.

Apprentice Applicants must meet the following requirements:

–          Be 18 years or older

–          Have earned a B.A. or have equivalent experience

–          Commit to a 10 month season

–          Reside in or be willing to relocate to Bangor, Maine

–          Have a strong desire to work closely with one or more departments

–          Carefully complete the apprenticeship application


–          Stipend, varies upon department

–          Housing

–          Professional development, networking, and industry experience

We are no longer accepting application for 2012/13.  Applications for the 13/14 season will be available in December.  HOWEVER! We still have internships available for high school students throughout the season. Please visit for more information!


Meet Sam Callanta!

“My name is Sam Callanta, and I am a recent graduate of Ursinus College in PA, with a BA in Theatre and East Asian Studies, minor in Film and Japanese. Born in Chicago, grew up in California and Maryland, studied abroad in Japan. While in my teens, I experimented with fine arts, photography, creative writing, film, and translation, until in my freshman year of college I fell into theatre, which seemed to me a synthesis of all these interests. Since I have a background in fine art, I have a sustained interest in scenic and set design, although I would like to also direct and play write. I sought experience in as many aspects of theatre as I could – directing, acting, lighting, run crew, props – but often found myself stage managing, a position that allowed me to go easily between the artistic and technical sides of theatre.

I have a wanderlust that often takes me far from home and the typically temporary and nomadic lifestyle of theatre suits me perfectly.  Penobscot Theatre appealed to me in part as a place far from home, though I was also looking to gain further experience as a techie. Although I must admit, housing and a stipend? Not a bad deal for a recent grad.
As a production apprentice here at Penobscot, I have already been given so many opportunities and learned so much. Even though it’s only been a few weeks, I’ve been able to contribute as a scenic painter, learned a bit about carpentry and construction, begun stage managing the youth outreach tour, and started designing and building the masks that will be used in the tour.

I’m very grateful for this opportunity and the people at Penobscot have made me feel so welcome. Aaron and Will have been especially wonderful to work with; they make me feel like one of the guys. I love the work I do; I love helping bring dreams into reality, whether it’s by cutting the lumber for the sets, or writing rehearsal reports, or even cleaning and organizing the shop. I’m very happy here and I’m looking forward to the season!”